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    If any of our Archatrak products do not meet your complete expectations or satisfaction, simply return the products, together with proof of purchase, within 30 days of purchase date. You MUST however firstly contact Archatrak on 866 206 8316 or by email to the address shown on our Contact page to confirm what you intend to return and to receive instructions on where to send the returned items.

    Any returned tiles must either be packed in the original boxes or packed in equivalent sturdy boxes which will avoid damage in return shipping to our warehouse.

    Providing the tiles are returned in the condition they were received, have not been cut, modified, sealed, painted or subject to any other surface treatment and have not been damaged by mishandling or misuse, except in such cases where any damage can be clearly demonstrated as occasioned by damage during shipping from our warehouse, you will receive a full refund based on the invoice price of any product returned, less the cost of the original shipping and handling.

    Refunds are only paid after the tiles have been received by our warehouse and inspected for damage. If the warehouse reports that any tile or tiles are received in a condition unfit for resale, we reserve the right to deduct the invoice value of any such tile(s) from any refund that may be due. It is thus important to ensure that any damage which may have occurred in the original shipment to you is fully documented by photographs and communicated to us before arranging any return shipment.

    Any request for return of undamaged product after 30 days of receipt must be approved by Archatrak Inc.before any such product is returned and is subject to a 20% restocking fee based on the original cost of the products.


    Return of Samples

    If returning samples, please be aware that these are provided by Archatrak at a subsidized price, which in many cases exceeds the actual shipping cost. So the original shipping cost which is deducted from the credit granted on return of samples, may significantly reduce or even completely offset the credit for the sample cost, especially if only a single sample or two has been ordered.